AIMLESS: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Engineering Systems Society

We had a very good response to the meeting-time poll. The winning time is Tuesday afternoon, 3:00-4:00.

The response on names was not quite as good. Here are the proposals so far:

  • AI@P
  • ML@P

At some point we will vote on these and others, hopefully with full knowledge of the phrase behind the acronym.

Unfortunately the first meeting will have to wait until I return from review committee work at SLAC. The first meeting will be Tuesday, June 20. Look for confirmation here and also for the announcement of a room. 

I've received only two offers to speak so far and welcome more. In the meantime we will use the bidding system. Here's how it works. At the start of the meeting people bid to speak a certain number of minutes and bidding stops when the total reaches 60. Bids are ordered from shortest to longest and of course the speaker with the shortest bid goes first.

I can post notes, graphs, links to papers, etc. For software and datasets I propose somebody set up a github repo. Volunteers?

Our meeting room for June 20, 3-4 PM, is PSB 416.

Thanks to Daniel Longenecker we now have a github repository:

There is no meeting July 4 (Independence Day). The following week we will have presentations by Mike Matty and Jordan Venderley on condensed-matter physics applications.